Webinar Publishing@W3C status

26. September 2019 um 16:00 Uhr

Die Zugangsdaten zum Webinar erhalten Mitglieder der IG Digital, wenn Sie eine Mail an como@boev.de schreiben!

Im Rahmen unserer Kooperation mit EDRLab können Mitglieder der IG Digital erstmals an einem Webinar zum Status des Publishing im W3C teilnehmen.

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The Webinar will last 1h 20 mn max. Other webinars will be regularly organized for EDRLab members on Readium Mobile, Desktop and Web developments, LCP etc. 

The group of W3C members passionate about publishing matters has progressed on the definition of new publishing standards and a large W3C meeting will take place in Japan in mid-September. As CTO of EDRLab Laurent Le Meur will participate to this meeting, and Luc Audrain from Hachette will also be there as co-chair of the Publishing Business Group. The closing of this meeting will be the perfect time for Luc and Laurent to share with EDRLab members detailed news about W3C Publishing WG/BG/CG actions. 

A draft agenda of this interactive Webinar is: 

  • EPUB 3.2 has been released as a community report from the largely open W3C Publishing Community Group. Like M. Jourdain (Molière) you are already certainly publishing EPUB 3.2 without knowing it. We will explain why, report on the current adoption rate and discuss if there may be an EPUB 3.3. 
  • EPUBCheck maintenance is progressing. What are the next steps for the W3C Publishing Business Group on this front?
  • The Web Publications specification is finally released as a W3C Note, not a Recommendation. Why is it the case? does it mean that W3C Web Publications are a dead end?  
  • The Publishing Working Group is now focusing on a standard for the exchange of audiobooks. What is the business use-case? What is the technical shape of this upcoming standard? 
  • A packaging specification will be released as part of the audiobook standard, a new flavor of Open Container Format, named LPF (Lighweight Packaging Format). What will be its status among W3C recommendations?
  • What are the similarities and differences between W3C Publications and Readium Web Publications? 
  • EDRLab is incubating a new form of digital comics in its DiViNa working group and it is based on Readium Web Publications. The first reading app able to read it will be demonstrated in Japan during the W3C event. Will it be moved to the W3C Working Group? 

Participate via the web or the native GTM application. 

Or call (the sound is often better) :
Germany: +49 692 5736 7317

Please register to the Webinar by mail: contact@edrlab.org

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